Coalescer Elements

Coalescer Elements were used in 1. stages of filter water separators. Their main function is coalesing of small water droplets to big droplets. These big water droplets are drop to the watersump of the filter water separator because  higher weights. Furthermore they holding back particles like sand, rust and other soiling.

Elements type          Application

P -Type                 EI 1581, 5th Ed., Cat. C

MIL -Type              EI 1581, 5th Ed., Cat. M  

Y -Type                 EI 1581, 5th Ed., Cat. M; TL 4330-0001, Part 3

K- type                  EI 1581, 3rd Ed., Gr. II, Class A, B & C; MIL-F-8901E

D -Type                TL 4330-0001, Part 2; MIL-F-8901E, AM+M 537B

A -Type                 for diesel, gasoline, etc.

DC -Type              for diesel, gasoline, etc.

FDC -Type            for diesel applications

FDC -2-Type         for diesel applications (2" Outer Diameter)